Quick Cash loans

Discover our quick cash loans today.

When you need cash in a hurry, look no further than Miss-Payday. 

We provide the very essence of quick cash loans; fast, convenient, in your bank account and ready for you to use when it suits you.


Fast loans Fast Cash

No Guarantor needed, our loans are personal advances that require no collateral nor any guarantees from another person.

No fee loans

Our quick cash loans have no fees attached to them. For example, when you take out a loan for £100, the interest chargeable is £24 and that is the final total. No set-up fee, no underwriting fee – just the interest, nothing else; no fee loans.

No fee loans mean that our cash service to you is relatively inexpensive compared to other lenders that do add expensive fees to their lending service.

Miss-Payday is synonymous with no fee loans for bad credit.

All our loans are intended for those who who have no access to mainstream credit because they have a poor credit score.

Loans for people on benefits

If you are on Benefits and can show a surplus income that is sufficient to being able to repay the loan you require, then of course, we can help you.

Loans for people on benefits are designed to help out those who are not in full-time employment but who have a genuine need for a cash advance.

Our service is not only suitable as loans for people on benefits but also for those who are not on benefits but in part-time employment too.

Money in the bank 

Once you have decided to apply with us, you can take advantage of our quick cash loans and put money into your bank account.

The bank account must be in your name and UK-based please.

  1. Apply.
  2. Review
  3. Pre-contract information check
  4. Loan Agreement signature
  5. Money in your account!

Thank you for considering the ladies at Miss-Payday. 🙂