Payday Loans UK 

As a Payday Loans UK Lender, it is our aim at Miss-Payday to assist you with all of your cash advance needs as quickly as possible.

If it is unexpected bills or an emergency cash situation, we are here to help you with the funds you urgently need.

Application for our payday loans UK lender service is completed online and the process is 100% secure and has no cost or fee attached to it whatsoever.

Please note: the process is exclusively online. We do not accept telephone applications.

You can use the slider on the Miss-Payday website to identify the amount that you would like to borrow and then fill in our Application Form and review your loan amount. Please note the Terms and rates and ensure you can pay the debt back in full. Once you are satisfied that your Application is complete, please press ‘Submit’.

So what happens next? 

Well, we review your Loan Application and we will make a funding decision as quickly as possible. Sometimes, this may include us having to contact you for further details but usually we can make a no credit check decision without needing to speak to you. What does this mean? No credit check does not not mean nothing at all, only that we have our own in-house credit check as explained further below.

If all goes well, we will approve your Application for funding but if we do decline, then we immediately provide a free Broker Service. This Service includes contacting our Lending Affiliates as listed in our Privacy Policy to try and secure you a loan with one of them. Do familiarise and satisfy yourself with this process and Loan Provider Service Contract with us before applying.

We will require your consent on the Application Form. Should one of our Affiliate Partner’s fund your loan, we may accept a commission from them – this ensures our service to you is free.

Note that you are only borrowing until your next payday. You complete the Application process by accepting our loan agreement should you be approved.

There is no obligation to accept the loan presented and you can stop the process at any time you like. If we have approved your application, your cash is usually deposited in your bank account the same day*. When your repayment is due for your advance, plus interest fees, we expect you to repay on the due date via your own Bank Account – we do not take the repayment ourselves.

No Credit Check 

We employ a soft search process and therefore have no credit check but please note that our Affiliates do. If we fund your loan, no Credit Reference Agency (CRA) will have been involved in the process but if we do not and another, alternative Lender reviews your Application as a part of our Broker Service, then it is subject to being checked by a CRA. As noted elsewhere, this does not mean that there is no credit check at all, only that it is completely and 100% in-house.

We are a Responsible Lender and, as such, we strive to ensure you receive the best possible service at no risk to yourself. Our loans are tailored to suit your needs and financial status and while we have no credit check, we do perform our own checks – i.e. no credit checks with CRA’s –  yet still manage to have a high approval rate.

Extensions to our payday loans

Miss-Payday does offer ‘rollover’s’ but customer requests for extensions are not automatically granted. We stress that payday loans should never be used as a long-term financial solution. Miss-Payday will consider an extension request based upon your Financial Status at the time.

We will take into account your current financial situation but please be aware that by extending your loan you will incur additional finance interest charges. You will only owe a finance charge on your original due date, which is typically your next payday date.

We advise you pay as much of your principal loan back as possible on your next payday in order to contain further interest charges.

The principal of your existing loan will then be ‘rolled over’ into a new payday loan. You will have to pay the loan amount plus all fees for the new loan on your following due date which is typically your following payday date. Extensions, partial payment and early payoff requests must be received by 17:00, at least three working days prior to the due debt repayment date.

Transparency of our payday loans:

Miss-Payday contains no hidden fees and the following applies in every case:

  • No application fee. There are zero upfront fees.
  • No credit check by Miss-Payday (may apply for our Broker Service)
  • Zero faster payments fee
  • No monthly account maintenance fees
  • No need to give us your bank security details.
  • Repayment is managed by you.
  • No Continuous Payment Programme.
  • Direct Debit optional.
  • Should we decline your loan, we will try and find you an alternative lender as a part of our Combined Lender/Broker Application Service.

Late Repayments

Please note that Customers who do unfortunately pay late may incur a default fee up to a maximum of £12. All charges are clearly defined and presented to every customer prior to signing the loan agreement.

If you do not repay within 7 days following your loan repayment date, we may add additional interest calculated at 0.8% per day late up to a maximum of 30 days.

Please be aware that defaulting on your Loan Agreement (non-payment) can have a negative affect your Credit Rating if you have been funded by one of our Alternative Lender Affiliates.

*subject to Bank transfer times
**subject to Customer’s Bank account supporting Faster Payments.

Advantages for repeat Customers

If you would like another loan from us in the future, your application process is even quicker. We do still perform our due diligence to make sure that your circumstances have not changed but you will start out as pre-approved.

Once we get to know you better, we can even begin to offer more favourable interest rates.


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